"aquest llum per qui crema?"

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What a day!

What a day! We have been to the Big Bouse and back seven times and still have that taste of annoying fly omelette... not even a jellyfish juice can take away this sensation of insect throat. Even after drinking a sip of beer at the Golbes Fountain! But later, at Can Salat the single ladies were parading in bikinis and things became more complicated. We'll go and look for the dog and remebering it all we'll sleep with the sheep. But what a day! The sheep from the Big House have gone up to Sant Ramon and come back to sleep, like aways. Like the annoying flies. We'll go with the single ladies to the Font de Golbes to drink beer without the bikins. Then, the jellyfish will eat omelette and juice will come out the dog's arse... but what a day! At the Big House they'll drink beer with the sheep and the pubilles will climb Sant Ramon with no bikinis. Then the dog will eat the jellyfish omlette and pee in the Golbes fountain that will eventually start flowing. The fly will sleep on the arse of some poor farmer and a river will come from the father and mother. But, what a day! The dog from the Big House will eat the fly and the pubilles will shit jellyfish a the Golbes fountain. From the river beer will flow and the omlette will come down from Sant Ramon under a veil of bikinis. But, what a day! From the Big House we'll parade to the Ateneu passing the Golbes fountain and we'll recieve holy communion of jellyfish omlette and the dog will give them out while the pubilles eat bikinis soaked in beer. Somebody will put their finger up their arse and say: Qui hi ha?

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