The Band

Qui hi ha? bring us another angle on celtic irish music by incorporating mediterranian elements and experimental psychedelic airs. They offer powerful energetic live gigs, made up of their own musical repertory mixed with traditional irish tunes and always accompanied by the animated projections of 'The Poca Monta Company'. The band's innovative, contempory sound and abitlity to fuse cultures and language has gained their album 'Aquest llum per qui crema?' excellent reviews, as has their performance at Festes de la Mercè 09 (Plaça Sant Jaume - Barcelona) and the Festival do Mundo Celta de Ortigueira (Coruña) where they were proclaimed winners of Concurs Proxecto Runas 09.

Qui hi ha? presented their first record (Qui hi ha, autoedit, December 2006) at festivals all over the state, showing it off at the XXIV Festival International de Folk de Getxo (Biscaia) and Suaga Folk '08 (Colindrines, Cantabria) and others around Catalunya, like Vilanova FIMPT, the street music fair in Vila-Seca and the Irish festival 'El Féile', sharing the stage with the Dublin band Kíla at the Apolo, Barcelona.

At the end of April 2008, the band presented their second album 'Aquest llum per qui crema?' (autoedit, November 2008) at a concert with all their colabodors participating: trio of albokaris from Bilbao (on Durum, durum), The Coral Pedres Blanques from Sant Boi (on suc de Medusa), Leg Lion Orquestra (on La Mosca) and Sergio Ramos, ex-drummer from Ojos de Brujo and member of the Orquestra Àrab Barcelona (on pubilles en Bikini).

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Qui hi ha?

Qui hi ha? is made up of:

Ricard Ros: uilleann pipes, whistles, bouzuki and accordion; Marta Barbero: fiddle and voice; Rubén Fajardo: acoustic guitar and mandolin; Anna Ballo: piano; Cesc Balsells: electric bass; Antonio Miranda: percussion; Patxi Gallego: drums and percussion.

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